Practical Benefits. Proven Advantages.

Designed by teachers, for teachers, Chronicle Cloud showers itself with features grounded in research-based best practices. A simple interface allows teachers to leverage technology to more practically apply these best practices in their classrooms.

Teachers who adopt proven methodologies, coupled with emerging technologies, become leaders in their own right, increasing their effectiveness and productivity multi-fold.

Track Formative Assessments

Successful teachers check for understanding. And they check often. Chronicle Cloud’s Traffic Light system enables teachers to efficiently log and track various formative assessments for their intended purpose — to inform future  instruction.

Provide Effective Feedback

Effective feedback lets students know where to go — and how to get there. Chronicle Cloud’s note-taking platform, which includes an efficient Speed Notes feature, equips teachers with a place to record, follow up on, and reuse effective feedback, as well as share this feedback with other teachers.

Foster Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning attains higher levels of student thinking and learning. Chronicle Cloud allows teachers to easily and flexibly form, modify, and disband groups of all kinds to advance learning outcomes, promote diversity, and build communication skills.

Promote Collaborative Teaching

Teachers collaborating for the good of students — it works! Known as “collective teacher efficacy,” John Hattie’s research ranks it superior for its influence on student learning. Chronicle Cloud’s capabilities — be it sharing notes, students, or classes — support and encourage this best practice.