About Chronicle

Powerhouse Education, fueled by husband and wife teachers, Andy and Ellen Raupp, ventured into the ed-tech market with its release of Chronicle 1.0. Chronicle’s inception was well-received, earning positive reviews from ed-tech blogs and websites, including a 5-star review from Smart Apps for Special Needs and recognition as one of the top education apps and websites of 2014 from a Tech & Learning contributor.

Thousands of downloads later, Chronicle Cloud arises out of a fortifying partnership with Synapse LLC, an established mobile and web application company comprised of highly-skilled and experienced professionals who have successfully delivered technical solutions to companies all over the world.

Among other things, the expertise of Synapse provides the design, security, and infrastructure integrity required by an application as rich and versatile as Chronicle Cloud. It is in the collaborative and innovative efforts of qualified professionals – educators, graphic designers, developers, and software engineers – that Chronicle Cloud propels itself forward as a next-generation application for teachers.

With this in mind, the team behind Chronicle Cloud is constantly breathing life into new ideas. We are wholly dedicated to the mission of fostering positive change. Every day. One extraordinary teacher at a time.