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Chronicle Cloud is a feature-packed application designed to help teachers efficiently implement research-based best practices, such as formative assessment and effective feedback, into their daily classroom routines.   An optional add-on module allows teachers to share notes and assignments with parents via a few simple steps.

Chronicle Cloud : Teacher’s app is designed and built to keep research-based best practices in mind, such as formative assessment and effective feedback. These practices themselves are ingrained in the methodology of classroom note-taking. And this is why the best teachers, like you, take notes!  

Advanced Note-taking

Efficiently take customizable notes (conferring notes or observational notes), with multi-media attachments and apply them to individuals and small groups

Speed Notes

Increase efficiency by quickly finding and reusing previous notes/feedback through Speed Notes and keyword searches (i.e. – “inferring”)

Formative Assessment

 Track formative assessments of learning objectives, learning behaviors, and/or social behaviors using a unique Traffic Light design, now with a five-tiered color system

Grading Assessment

Track student levels (i.e. – reading levels) and scores (i.e. – standardized test scores or benchmark scores) to help guide instructional decisions

Sharing Capability

Promote teacher collaboration by securely sharing individual students and/or classes of students (great for collaborative classrooms!). Use this sharing capability to communicate homework via Parent’s app

Connected Parent's App

Parents can now use their Chronicle Cloud Parent’s App to access any shared notes or assignments by their child’s teacher.  In addition, parents are able to submit/return assignments back to the teacher.

Advanced Reporting

Utilize tailored reports to make data-driven decisions that differentiate instruction for an individual student, a group of students, or the class as a whole

Attendance System

Chronicle Cloud transforms traditional attendance by prompting and allowing teachers to observe and record students’ emotional state upon entering the learning environment. Mindful attention to each individual student’s mental well-being can remind teachers to proactively address potential student needs.  Sometimes the smallest steps can make the biggest difference!

Lesson Plan

Increase student learning outcomes by preparing purposeful lesson plans.  Attach multimedia and tap into AR/VR (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality) capabilities.

Market Place

Import or Share your lesson plans with selective audience or make it open to all for an incentivized marketplace offering

Cloud Native

Chronicle Cloud is deployed on the cloud, which allows all data to be encrypted, secure, and resilient to any power outage

Encrypted & Secure

Staged in a secure environment to ensure advanced protection against known threats or viruses, Chronicle Cloud data is encrypted and protected at all times — without exception!

5G Edge Capable

Our 5G edged platform is built so teachers can carry a large volume of data at very low latency speeds


Non-Fungible Token enabled to license special artifacts stored in the application

Vision Processing

Integrated with Synapse ViSN platform for hands-free multi-media capture and image processing via AI/ML techniques

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Designed by teachers, for teachers, Chronicle Cloud showers itself with features grounded in research-based best practices. A simple interface allows teachers to leverage technology to practically apply the best practices in their classrooms.