1. Chronicle Cloud is an application for teachers, but can students and/or parents also access this data?

Chronicle Cloud is not a learning management system, although some similarities may exist. Chronicle Cloud is designed solely for teachers; however, a teacher is welcome to share data, via email or face-to-face meetings, with students and/or parents as they deem appropriate. Otherwise, it is not designed to be used by students and/or parents.

2. What kind of notes can a teacher take using Chronicle Cloud?

Chronicle Cloud is platform for conferring, observational, and/or any other anecdotal notes. Notes for any class can be customized with up to five text field entry boxes, and within each note, a teacher can capture and/or upload/attach multiple images (JPEG, PNG), audio files, and videos (MP4). All notes can be applied to an individual or a group of students.

3. Can I print my notes?

Notes can be exported to Google Drive or Dropbox as a .txt file. This file can then be downloaded and printed.

4. How do Chronicle Cloud’s sharing and collaboration features work?

Teachers can share students and use Chronicle Cloud’s note-taking platform to collaborate. A user (teacher) can grant access rights (editing and viewing privileges) to other teachers within the same school only. The ability to track and restore revision changes is not a functionality at the moment, nor do Chronicle Cloud’s sharing capabilities apply to the gradebook. These may be considered for future versions.

5. I don’t really need a gradebook. Is there an option to exclude it?

At the moment, no. Chronicle Cloud is designed to empower teachers with the unique ability to seamlessly integrate qualitative and quantitative data. The gradebook itself has been conceptually formed to provide flexibility, allowing teachers to use it traditionally and/or non-traditionally as a complement to their notes. Simply not using the gradebook, however, is always an option.


6. Which platforms and devices are supported by Chronicle Cloud?

At the moment, Chronicle Cloud is available on iPads supporting iOS 10 and above. Plans to branch into other platforms and devices are in the works!

7. Can one device share multiple Chronicle Cloud accounts?

Chronicle Cloud does not support this capability.

8. I currently use one of the Chronicle Legacy apps (Chronicle, Chronicle Notes, Chronicle U). How do I migrate my data to Chronicle Cloud?

Please follow these steps to initiate migration: 1. Export all the data from your Chronicle, Chronicle U and Chronicle Note to your Google Drive. The exported data will be in CHR format with extension. CHR. 2. You can upload/import the file into the new Chronicle Cloud by uploading the .CHR and .zip file by logging into your account on the website 3. After successful completion of data Migration, you will get an Email. 4. Please login with the same credentials in the Chronicle Cloud Application to access the data. 5. If you have started using the new Chronicle Cloud app on your iPad before migrating the data from the legacy app, the migrated data will overwrite all records you may have entered afresh.

9. How do I receive technical support?

You can email us directly at support@chroniclecloud.com, or you can use our website to submit a help ticket: https://chroniclecloud.com/#/contact


10. How do Premium and Professional subscription plans differ?

The application is completely free without any restriction on functionalities. The upgrade subscriptions only offer additional data storage.

11. What if need more data than the Professional plan provides?

1 GB should suffice the heaviest of Chronicle Cloud users, but if a need for more data ever presents itself, our support team will gladly assist you: support@chroniclecloud.com.

12. What payment options do you offer?

We support In-App purchase.

13. If desired, how do I upgrade my plan?

Just log in to your Chronicle Cloud App, Go to Data Usage, click on upgrade plan and choose the desired plan which suits your requirement.

14. What’s the process for canceling my plan?

In iOS app subscription cancellation can be done manually (Settings > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > View Apple ID >Subscription > Cancel Subscription).

15. I teach 10 months of the year. Do I have to continue paying through the remaining 2 months?

You’ll have to keep paying (monthly subscription) till the time you are storing and using the additional data storage.

16. Do you provide multi-licensing discounts?

Chronicle Cloud is designed to promote collaborative teaching – so, yes, we do provide specialized plans and discounts! For further information, please contact us at sales@chroniclecloud.com.