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Chronicle Cloud

Maximize Teaching & Learning Outcomes

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Chronicle Cloud

What is Chronicle Cloud?

Chronicle Cloud is a versatile note-taking app designed to help teachers maximize student success. Chronicle Cloud immerses itself in research-based best practices to offer unique, practical advantages.  Designed to make student data highly actionable, Chronicle Cloud comes packed with many helpful features that enable educators to take comprehensive notes on students and improve their learning effectiveness.

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Advanced note-taking

Advanced Note-Taking Capability

Chronicle Cloud provides you with advanced Note-Taking capability within few clicks. Chronicle Cloud comes feature-packed with options to add audio, video, image attachments to your notes making it easier to recollect and recall student performance and learning behavior at a later time.

Feature Packed 

Chronicle Cloud with its uniquely designed dashboard allows you to manage your classroom activity on the go. Integrated Note-taking, Gradebook, Scoring, and Sharing capabilities within the app allow you flexibility in managing your daily teaching chores effectively.


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Practical Benefits, Proven Advantages

Teachers who adopt proven methodologies, coupled with emerging technologies, become leaders in their own right, increasing their effectiveness and productivity multi-fold.

Track Formative Assessments

Successful teachers check for understanding. And they check often. Chronicle Cloud’s Traffic Light system enables teachers to efficiently log and track various formative assessments for their intended purpose — to inform future instruction

Provide Effective Feedback

Effective feedback lets students know where to go — and how to get there. Chronicle Cloud’s note-taking platform, which includes an efficient Speed Notes feature, equips teachers with a place to record, follow up on, and reuse effective feedback, as well as share this feedback with other teachers

Foster Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning attains higher levels of student thinking and learning. Chronicle Cloud allows teachers to easily and flexibly form, modify, and disband groups of all kinds to advance learning outcomes, promote diversity, and build communication skills

Promote Collaborative Teaching

Teachers collaborating for the good of students — it works! Known as “collective teacher efficacy,” John Hattie’s research ranks it superior for its influence on student learning. Chronicle Cloud’s capabilities — be it sharing notes, students, or classes — support and encourage this best practice


Advanced Note-taking

Efficiently take customizable notes (conferring notes or observational notes), with multi-media attachments and apply them
to individuals and small groups.

Grading Assessment

Track student levels (i.e.- reading levels) and scores (i.e. – standardized test scores or benchmark scores).

Formative Assessment

 Track formative assessments of learning objectives, learning behaviors, and/or social behaviors using a unique Traffic Light design, now with a five-tiered color system.

Sharing Capability

Promote teacher collaboration by securely sharing individual students and/or classes of students (great for collaborative classrooms!). Use this sharing capability to distribute homework via Parent app.

Speed Notes

Increase efficiency by quickly finding and reusing previous notes/feedback through Speed Notes and keyword searches (i.e. – “inferring”).

Connected Parent App

Parents can now use their Chronicle Cloud Parents app to access shared notes or assignments from Teachers. This app allows parents to submit assignments, back to teachers as well.

Cloud Native

Chronicle Cloud is deployed on the cloud, which allows all data to be encrypted, secure, and resilient to any outage.


All data is encrypted and protected at all times without any exceptions.


The app is staged in a very secure environment to ensure advanced protection against any known threat and viruses.


Chronicle Cloud covers teachers with 50MB of free cloud storage or 50 free notes. However, should you wish to expand this amount, premium plans are available to affordably meet any of your potential storage needs. 

Our simple, no-nonsense subscription plans can be easily managed, enabling you to continue with what you do best 一 teach!



  • 50 notes or 50MB storage, whichever comes first
  • All app features included



  • 500MB storage
  • All app features included



  • 1GB storage
  • All app features included

School or District Licensing

We strive to cultivate positive outcomes through purposeful technology. Inquiries about our specialized plans for educational institutions are welcomed. Find out how we can help provide teachers in your school or school district with next-generation technology support by contacting us at

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Designed by teachers, for teachers, Chronicle Cloud showers itself with features grounded in research-based best practices. A simple interface allows teachers to leverage technology to practically apply the best practices in their classrooms.

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