Our parent-teacher conferences are also known as “goal-setting conferences.”  Whether at a formal goal-setting conference or not, a parent will often convey something about their child that they would like for me to either know and/or help them with.  This is where Chronicle’s Miscellaneous Notes feature comes in.  Many apps allow you to take some form of Miscellaneous Notes, but they often can’t be played back.  Here’s why I like the playback ability of Chronicle:


When I sit down with a parent and input whatever goal it is, whether we came up with the goal together or they conveyed it to me on their own, it becomes more poignant when the parent(s) hear what was discussed played back.  Not only is it novel, but I think it says in a way, “Hey, I hear you.  We’re on the same page.  I’ll be on top of it.”  It may seem silly, but I think them hearing it, as opposed to seeing you just write it down, has a strong effect.  And of course, whenever I enter that student’s individual page, I’m reminded of what it is that we’re looking to work towards.