“Because if you have bad habits, then the longer you have it, the harder it will be to undo it.” 
“Because if you don’t it will become a habit that is hard to break in the future.”
“I think this because like he said it is easier for us to learn something than adults so we should try hard to learn things and practice good habits.” 

In response to one of the questions found within a created Google Form, the above were a few of the answers received back after students watched an embedded video entitled “The Backwards Brain Bicycle.”  Here’s the video:

And the Google Form can be viewed HERE! (5 questions, different types: explicit, inferential, a bit of reflection. Please don’t fill out and submit!)

I wrote about the Backwards Brain Bicycle after using it with my fifth-grade class last year.  It is a phenomenal video the has a lot of classroom applications.  I unfortunately came across the video at the END of the year, whereas it makes the most sense to use in conjunction with a teacher’s efforts to help students establish good routines in the BEGINNING of the year.

Just as teachers use touchstone texts to refer back to throughout a unit, what I love is that the video can be referred back to periodically throughout the year to keep students moving in the right direction. It can also be used as a springboard for a variety of other lessons as students better learn the role of the brain in reading, automaticity of math facts, positive self-talk, and much more!  More posts on this in the future!